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This beautiful and cozy 1-inch scale bed is made up with a handmade red, white, and blue quilt and decorative pillows that weree lovingly done with charming trim and details. 


This unique bed is adorned with custom arranged flowers on the posts and the fottboard and finished with handmade white silk bows that make it a one of a kind creation.  

The accent pillow is decorated with a custom design of a floral heart in bunka, and a sweet handcrafted tiny teddy bear that invites you to curl up and get cozy. 


All bedding, items and details are permanently attached and are not removeable.  


This bed measures 6 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 4 inches high from the bottom to the top of the posts.

Miniature Bed with Cozy Patchwork Bedding

SKU: BBLM202400001
  • This item IS NOT a toy and is intended for adults only.  It is a handcrafted, collectible miniature creation designed for 1-inch scale dollhouse miniatures .  This item is NOT for children and is a professional miniature item for ADULTS ONLY.  There are small components that can easily be pulled off and swallowed that could create a choking hazard for all children. THIS ITEM IS NOT A REAL LIFE SIZE ITEM.

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